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Important News: PasGF

I decided to rework the whole LPTK. This work runs under another project called PasGF.

What is the LPTK?

The LPTK is a development toolkit for creating cross platform GUI (Graphical User Interface) applications in Pascal language.
Mainly Linux and Windows supported.

LPTK means Light Pascal ToolKit (the name and the project was inspired after the C++ FLTK project). The main target was to create a simple and small library for fast application development where the applications don't require many large external libraries.

Main features

  • It does not intend to be compatible with Delphi
  • Runs on Windows (with FPC and Delphi) and on Linux (with FPC). The applications look identical on the two platforms.
  • The applications do not depend on huge external libraries (like gtk or qt)
  • All the GUI look and behavior programmed in the LPTK using Object Pascal features
  • Natively supports Unicode. The texts stored in 16-bit Unicode format.
  • Anti aliased font rendering on Linux (using Xft)
  • Auto aligning with anchors (like Delphi)
  • Modal forms
  • Popup windows
  • ODBC data access, with easy to use SQL interface
  • Clipboard handling, mouse wheel handling
  • Several GUI components
    • Multi line text editor
    • Database grid
    • Buttons with images
    • Pulldown and popup menus
    • Panels (container widget)
    • etc.
  • BMP handling (masked)
  • Internal standard icon collection, easy to use icon hanling
  • Visual Form Designer
    • Stores the form data in the same pascal source code, in source code format so no additional file required
    • Easily extendable
    • Supports unknown widgets and unknown properties
Screen sample:

more screenshots


The LPTK released under BSD style license that does not restricts the usage of the source codes. This allows for example static linking of the LPTK library without providing the object code of the distributed application (in contrast with LGPL).


All source and documentation © 1993-2004 Nagy Viktor and others. This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under BSD type license agreement.